Promotoras Provide Crucial Link For Latino Communities

I wrote an article for YES! magazine’s website on promotoras in Placer County, Calif. These women (and sometimes men) are trusted leaders who help form a new and crucial link between the Latino community and the broader society.

In the photo below, several women and one man attend a weekly meeting in the city of Roseville, led by Maria Cordova (far right), where they share stories and provide emotional support. Cordova is a promotora.


What (The Heck) Is Biotechnical Engineering?

I will tell you! But not here. Instead, go to Earth Island Journal’s website, where I wrote an article on biotechnical engineering projects in Roseville, Calif. In the photo below, Environmental Engineer Scott Dietrich and volunteer Donna Wilson replant willow stakes on a January afternoon using a biotechnical engineering method to stabilize an eroding creek bank.