Selected Editing Clips

Innovation | Comstock’s December 2021

Welcome Back | Comstock’s September 2021

The New Apprentices | Comstock’s August 2021

Young Professionals: Fresh Take | Comstock’s July 2021

Solutions | Comstock’s May 2021

Women in Leadership: Her Time | Comstock’s March 2020

Selected Writing Clips

“Can Traditional Knowledge Keep California From Going Up in Flames?” | Ensia

“A Tarnished Past” | Comstock’s

“Shouldering the Burden” | Comstock’s

“Laying the Groundwork” | Comstock’s

“Big Shake-Up in Delta’s ‘Little Paris’” | Comstock’s

“Plastic of the Future” | Comstock’s 

“Get Spent” | Comstock’s

“Grow Your Own Way” | Comstock’s

“American Dreams” | Comstock’s

“More Bang for Your Duck” | Comstock’s magazine

“Can Downtown Roseville be Revitalized?” | Comstock’s

“A Dry Future Weighs Heavy on California Agriculture” | High Country News

“Inside Colorado’s Fort Knox of Food” | Newsweek

“Age-Old Profession Gets a Young, Idealistic Upgrade” | The Guardian

“Rising Sea Levels: The View From a Canoe”| YES! Magazine

Audio Clips

“Comstock’s Talks: A Tarnished Past” | Comstock’s

“Comstock’s Talks: Women in Leadership Roundtable” | Comstock’s

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