Selected Clips

Farming & Food Systems

“Inside Colorado’s Fort Knox of Food” in Newsweek

“Who Will Harvest When I’m Gone?” In Comstock’s magazine

“A Dry Future Weighs Heavy on California Agriculture” in High Country News

“Bridge Over Troubled Waters” in Comstock’s magazine

“Behind the Beekeeper’s Veil” in Comstock’s magazine

“How One California Farmer Battles the Drought” in Ensia & FERN

“Age-Old Profession Gets a Young, Idealistic Upgrade” in The Guardian

“Encounters with Keepers at the Sacramento Zoo” in Comstock’s magazine

“Unconventional Agriculture” in Earth Island Journal

“Farming Could Save Veterans, and Vice Versa” in Newsweek

“Across the US, Cities Struggle to Accommodate Urban Farming” in Earth Island Journal

“Think You Know What a Farmer Looks Like? Think Again” in YES! Magazine

“Quito Grown” in Earth Island Journal

“Field of Dreams” in Sacramento News & Review

“Food Revolution” in Sacramento News & Review


“What Happens to the Animals When the Circus Leaves Town?” in Newsweek

“Where the U.S. Government Keeps Confiscated Animal Parts” in Newsweek

“More Bang for Your Duck” in Comstock’s magazine

Climate Change & Environmentalism

“Closing the ‘Adventure Gap’ by Getting Inner City Kids Outdoors” in Earth Island Journal

“Rising Sea Levels: The View From a Canoe” in YES! Magazine

Health & Science

“Using the Human Microbiome to Predict Time of Death” in Newsweek

“An Open Book” in Comstock’s magazine

“A Bold Decision” in Sacramento Magazine

“The Long Recovery: Family Heals From PTSD Together” in Granite Bay View

“Roseville Parents Have Hope for Son’s Future with Cystic Fibrosis” in Roseville Press Tribune

“The Chemistry of Beauty” in Sacramento News & Review

Local Reporting & Breaking News

“The Right Chord” in Comstock’s magazine

“Development Corporation Comes Into Focus In Light Of Developer’s Disappearance,” in Roseville Press Tribune

“Marine Gone, Not Forgotten” in Granite Bay View

“Suspected Cop Shooter Taken into Custody After Standoff” in Roseville Press Tribune






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