‘Quito Grown’ Appears On Earth Island Journal

Whoa, I barely even finished sending out rewards to my Kickstater backers for “Quito Grown,” and I’ve learn that Earth Island Journal decided to publish my article on its website today. I just submitted my draft yesterday. Now that’s what I call a quick turnaround!

The unfinished greenhouse on the rooftop of Escuela Bogota. Photo by Julia C.

Unfortunately, the editor previously forewarned me that the article would likely not make it into print. That’s one of the drawbacks of pitching to a quarterly magazine. But I’m still very excited and thankful for the article’s online appearance, and I’ll be trying to spread the link around and get as much exposure as possible. Feel free to help a sister out!

Marco waters vegetables in the garden at this school. (Photo by Julia)

I hope you enjoy my article “In Ecuador, urban farms provide an antidote to rising food prices.” Thanks, again, to everyone for all your support both emotionally and financially.

UCLA student Daniel Block works with kids on the greenhouse project in Quito. (Photo by Julia)

More good news: Alternet has also published my story. One more thing! In my article, you’ll read about a nongovernmental organization called Triple Salto. This group is critical in making urban farms happen throughout the city of Quito, and they have an ongoing need for donations and international volunteers. To connect with or donate to Triple Salto, visit www.triplesalto.org or email info@triplesalto.org.

An agricultural engineer with CONQUITO assembles a greenhouse on the rooftop of a school. (Photo by Julia)

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