Things My Sister Says Part II

Our trip to Ecuador hasn’t even begun, yet I find it’s time for the second installment of “Things My Sister Says,” featuring the one-and-only Julia.

“We have to go to the equator! You put one foot in the southern hemisphere and one foot in the northern hemisphere. How cool is that?!” ~ Julia


“I don’t know any Spanish. All I know is ‘adios’ and ‘gracias.’” ~ Julia


“I want an iPod for the trip. Want to buy me one?” ~ Julia


“How many pairs of jeans are you packing?” ~ Julia

“Two. Now that I have back chub I don’t have a lot of pairs that fit comfortably.” ~ me

“Oh, that’s too bad. I’ve been working out a lot.” ~ Julia


“The biggest thing to worry about in Quito is getting hit by a car.” ~ Julia


“You better be careful what you say or it’s going to end up in the second installment of ‘Things My Sister Says.’” ~ me

“Oh my gosh, my words are so popular.” ~ Julia

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