Let Me Explain

Aloha, dear friends and welcome to “Wailing Peacocks,” a blog devoted to sharing the true story of how a navigator, double-hulled canoes and dozens of volunteers voyage to distant places to demonstrate the value of home.

That’s awfully vague, isn’t it?

Let me explain. This project, affectionately nicknamed “For Hawaii, With Love,” centers on the revival of ancient Polynesian voyaging in Hawaii, and how this movement has helped restore cultural pride in native Hawaiians. This year, the group behind the movement — the Polynesian Voyaging Society — celebrates the 35th anniversary of its maiden voyage by embarking on a series of stateside sails.

Check out Kickstarter to see my acting debut.

I am the journalist hoping to share their story.

And I’m seeking your support — that’s right, you! — to complete a feature magazine article about this Hawaiian Renaissance. This summer, I will travel to Honolulu, HI for two weeks to conduct interviews, observe the crew and, ideally, participate in a short-distance voyage. I will post daily photos, video and reflections on this blog. In the meantime, I’ll use this platform to share related news, explain why this topic matters and pretty much post whatever else my little heart desires.

A national magazine has expressed interest in the feature article, but cannot cover expenses. I’ve launched a Kickstarter project to help offset flight, housing and transportation costs. You can contribute here. This project won’t happen without you and I will remember your generosity for-ev-er. Seriously!

To see samples of my writing, check out Earth Island Journal, Alternet, Sacramento News & Review, Chico News & Review, Monterey County Weekly, Eugene Weekly and Missoula Independent. I’ve also been published in Forest Magazine, off our backs, Cooperative Business Journal and the newspaper where I currently work.

Thanks, and kiss, kiss!

One response to “Let Me Explain”

  1. Congrats Sena! What a wonderful idea for an article, I’ll be making a contribution to your kickstarter project for sure.

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