No More Blah Blog!

Blogging is weird. I’m new to this and must admit, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. This came as a surprise to me, considering I am a journalist and write for a living. I actually looked at my blog today — which is apparently an important thing to do on a regular basis — and had a realization: If I was a first-time reader to “Wailing Peacocks,” I’d  be totally lost.

That is not OK!

I think my problem is I don’t update this blog enough. I’ll try hard to do better, I promise. Sometimes I just get distracted. I can’t help it — I recently discovered “Dexter” on DVD.

I’m sure my legions of loyal readers remember the point of this blog, but for you newbies, here’s a recap. “Wailing Peacocks” chronicles my attempts to research and write about the revival of ancient Polynesian voyaging and its role in the Hawaiian Renaissance.

I plan to visit Honolulu, HI in August to conduct interviews and hang out with Polynesian Voyaging Society crew members as they prepare to embark on a worldwide voyage. Hopefully, all of this will result in a feature article —written by me, duh — published in a national magazine.

Now, you’re up to speed! Watch for more blog posts soon. In the meantime, feel free to offer tips on how this blog can go from “blah” to “blaze -,” um, “blaph -,” let’s see … to “bl-awesome!”